What is Household Hazardous Waste and How do I Dispose of it?

A paint brush, three paint cans, three chemical bottles, a gas canister, and different sets of batteries next to each other

Chemicals accepted by the Household Hazardous Waste Program fall into one of four D.O.T. hazard categories:

DOT Hazards (flammable, corrosive, toxic, and oxidizer)

Ignitables: paints, dry or wet, petroleum based products, polishes, gasoline

Corrosives: acids, bases, batteries, drain clog remover

Toxics: poisons, pesticides, gardening chemicals, ammonia, solvents

Reactives: pool chemicals, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, perchlorates

Misc: propane, helium, small oxygen tanks, smoke detectors, fluorescent lamps, medications, sharps


Instructions for Residential Drop-off Participants

  • Please bring a proof of residency to the drop off
  • We are not able to return any containers you bring your waste in; including any plastic recycling bins, boxes, trash cans, gas cans, or paint buckets
  • In addition, please remove any valuables or non-waste products from your vehicle storage area.  Our service moves quickly, and we do not want to cause confusion
  • Please do not bring any pets to the drop off

To learn about what happens to your waste after you drop it off, please click here.

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